Ahlborn ALMEMO datalogger
Ahlborn ALMEMO datalogger

ALMEMO® 2590-4AS Professional measuring instrument

4 measuring inputs

Data logger with internal

Internal memory for 100 000 measured values, or external memory connector

Analog inputs: 0..10V, 4..20mA ideal  for use with and FID 109A

Other inputs: 0..20mA, etc. Relative humidity, temperature, PH, conductivity, flow, electrical parameters, IAQ, etc.

Ahlborn ALMEMO datalogger
Precision class A
Measuring rate 2.5 / 10 measuring operations per second
Additional channels 4 function channels, device-internal
Sensor power supply 6 / 9 / 12 V, maximum 0.5 A
Outputs 2 ALMEMO® sockets, suitable for all
output modules (analog / data / trigger /
relay cables, memory, etc.)

Standard equipment



Graphics display, 128 x 64 pixels, 8 rows
Illumination 2 white LEDs

7 silicone keys (of which 4 soft-keys)

Date and time-of-day Real-time clock, buffered by battery

Power supply

Battery set

Mains adapter

230 VAC to 12 VDC, 1 A
electrically isolated

Current consumption (without input and output modules)

Active mode

With illumination

Sleep mode

approx. 12mA

approx. 32 mA

approx. 0.05 mA


127 x 83 x 42 mm (LxWxH)
ABS (maximum 70 °C) 290 g


Ahlborn ALMEMO datalogger
Ahlborn ALMEMO datalogger
Ahlborn ALMEMO datalogger


Memory connector with micro SD (see page 06.02)

Mains adapter 12 V / 1 A

DC adapter cable, 10 to 30 VDC, 12 V / 0.25 A, electrically isolated
Rubberized impact protection, green
Magnetic fastening
DIN rail mounting
Instrument case

Connecting cables

USB data cable, electrically isolated
Ethernet data cable, electrically isolated
Analog output cable, -1.25 to +2.0 V, 0.1 mV / digit
V24 data cable, electrically isolated.