FID analyser J.U.M. 3-300A
FID analyser J.U.M. 3-300A

Heated FID analyser for TOC measurements.

TÜV approved for 2. BImSchV. 13. BImSchV and 17. BImSchV, fully complies with EN 12619, EN 13526 (EU) and EPA Method 25A and Method 503 (USA).

FID analyser J.U.M. 3-300A


  • Maintenance free sample filter back purge system allows filter to be cleaned without dismantling (automatic optional)
  • Built in burner air generator, no external air cylinder needed
  • All components in contact with sample fully heated and controlled at 190 degree C
  • Built-in sample pressure and sample pumps
  • Automatic flame out alarm and contact
  • Fast response within 1 second
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Very selective
  • Microprocessor controlled PID-type temperature controller
  • Remote control for sample, calibrate and back purge is standard
  • Remote or automatic range change optional


  • Stack gas hydrocarbon emissions monitoring
  • Fence line monitoring
  • Raw exhaust vehicle emissions analysis
  • Catalytic converter testing
  • Measuring engine combustion efficiency
  • Hydrocarbon contamination monitoring in air and other gases
  • Carbon adsorption regeneration control
  • Detection of trace hydrocarbons in purity gases used in the semi conductor industry
  • LEL monitor of solvent laden air


FID analyser J.U.M. 3-300A
FID analyser J.U.M. 3-300A
FID analyser J.U.M. 3-300A

Rugged transport case for mobile use. Front and back panel removable for easy access and operation.

JUM 3-00A with case