Portable FID analyzer
Portable FID analyzer

Portable FID analyzer model OVF-3000 by J.U.M. Engineering

  • Lightweight internal fuel storage, easy to operate
  • Fully heated to 180°C
  • Typical sensitivity 0.01 ppm CH4
  • Internal sample pump and air pump
  • Internal combustion air supply (No external air cylinder needed)
  • Disposable sample filter in front panel
  • Automatic flame out alarm contact and fuel shut off
  • Sample pressure regulator not in contact with sample gas
  • Multiple range capability; 5 selectable ranges are standard


  • Stack gas emissions and all other Environmental and process applications
  • Air and gas scrubber efficiency
  • Process chemical gas analysis
  • Personnel safety
  • Solvent recovery
  • Catalytic converter and thermal combustor testing
  • Automotive and engine emissions
  • Fence line (perimeter) monitoring

Complies analytically with EN 12619, EN 14181/ EN ISO 14956, (EU) and with EPA Method
25A and Method 503 (USA)

Portable FID analyzer
Method Heated Flame Ionization Detector (HFID)
Sensitivity Max. 1 ppm CH4 full scale (100 ppb lowest detectable)
Response time @ sample inlet <0.2 seconds
t90 time @ sample inlet <1.2 seconds
t90 time including 4X6mm sample line Including heated sample line (7.5m) and sample probe filter: less than 8 seconds
Zero drift <2% full scale / 24h
Span drift <2% full scale / 24h
Linearity Up to 10.000 ppm full scale within 1.5%
Oxygen synergism < 2% FSD
Measuring ranges (ppm) Front panel turn switch: 0-10,100, 1.000, 10.000,
100.000, others on request.
Signal outputs 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA, including RS-232 data output
Display 6- digit direct reading ppm units capability to measure up to three (3) overlapping measuring ranges without range
Total sample flow through 2.5 to 2.8 l/min capacity @ operating temp.
Sample filter Disposable change filter in rear panel. Option OVE 32
Zero and Span gas Front panel switch selectable and remote control, gas
inlets on rear panel
Zero and span adjust Manual duo dial on front panel
Fuel gas 100% H2, consumption approx. 20 ml/min
Burner air consumption Built in burner air supply. No external cylinder air needed.
consumption approximately 130 ml/min, all mixed fuel
gases approx. 220 ml/min
Oven temperature 180°C (374°F)
Temperature control micro-processor PID controller
Power requirements 230VAC/50Hz, 850W (120 VAC/60Hz optional)
Ambient temperature 5-43°C (41-110°F)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 445 mm x 220 mm x 350 mm
Weight approx. 13 kg



Portable FID analyzer
Portable FID analyzer
Portable FID analyzer


To log the 0-10V and/or 4...20mA analog  outputs.

PC-powered: Over USB Software-based J.U.M. MhcLog-109 (dual channel)

Hand held battery powered: Ahlborn ALMEMO 2590